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Step 1: Unpack
Remove all components from the boxes. This should include your cameras, DVR, Power supply, BNC cables, and DC cords.

Step 2: Setting up the power adaptors or power box to the Camera.

Power Adaptors


Power Box

In order to set up your power box, you will need to connect your DC cords to the circuit board.

First separate the two wires (Figure 3-1) from one another and then strip the ends like you would a speaker wire (Figure 3-2).

Next, with a Phillips screwdriver connect the ends of each DC Cord to the circuit board of the power supply.

Reminder: the stripped wire connects to the V+ row and the solid wire connects to the V-row (Figure 3-3 and Figure 3-4).

Finally, after all the DC cords are connected to the circuit board pull the ends out through the back hole of the power supply box (Figure 3-5) and plug in your power supply to a wall outlet (Figure 3-6).




Step 3: Connecting your cameras to the DVR
In order to connect your cameras to the DVR you will need to use the BNC cables (Figure 3-1).
*You should have one bundle of BNC cables per camera.

Next, connect the opposite end of the BNC cable to the back of the DVR (Figure 3-4).

Figure 3-1


Connecting BNC cables to the DVR




 Connecting the BNC Cable to the Camera 




Lastly, connect the DVR to the power supply DC Cord.


Connect the navigating mouse to the DVR


The physical setup process is complete!