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The evolution of CCTV systems
The evolution of CCTV systems is almost unimaginable. Just a few years ago CCTV systems consisted of a CCTV camera, a television screen or monitor and a video recorder. Today CCTV systems are multiple cameras set up in one or more locations, connected to a computer or stand alone digital recorder which runs on one of a variety of software packages.
The live images can then be viewed through the computer screen or multiple screens or monitors that can be connected to the CCTV system. The computer or stand alone digital recorder will record all the live images onto a hard drive.
As we mentioned already, tracking software can be used with your CCTV system to track specifics that you may feel endangered by or wish to survey. Today’s technology allows you to equip your CCTV system with motion detectors, talking cameras and a variety of other features that protect you in the best way possible.
Our professional and experienced team will assist you in identifying your specific CCTV system needs, from private homes to businesses to traffic control.
In the past, CCTV systems were not only big, bulky and hard to manage but also very expensive. With the advancement in technology and the mass production of hardware, the costs have been reduced radically and the CCTV systems have become much smaller, compact and extremely user friendly making them accessible to anyone.
So if you need to install a CCTV system to have on-site surveillance or would like a CCTV system to enable you to access visuals from your home or your office, we can provide it all.