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Create 960H World with Effio Family


Sony has lead the digitization of video signal processing that determines the picture quality and performance of CCTV security cameras since 1997 with development of camera DSP SS Series. The high quality and reliability of camera DSP SS Series have made them a staple of video surveillance as a standard solution for CCTV security cameras around the world.

In 2009, Sony newly developed and commenced shipment of the "Effio" Series as next-generation camera DSP. The "Effio" Series draws upon Sony's extensive know-how and technology to further pursue the high resolution, S/N ratio and color reproducibility demanded of security cameras.

The "Effio" Series realizes a horizontal resolution of over 650 TVL in combination with Sony's newly developed 960H CCD image sensor. This enables to provide clearer pictures with higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCTV cameras.

In the future, Sony will continue to advocate the 960H World and lead the CCTV security camera market with the "Effio" Series.

*"Effio" and effio are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

*"ARM" is a trademark of ARM Limited.

Note: "Effio", "Effio-P", "Effio-S" and "Effio-E" Systems are the customer limited products for security camera manufacturers.
For details, contact our sales office in your country.

*CCD = CCD image sensor



Higher horizontal resolution of over 650TVL by 960H CCD image sensor

High Resolution image

Confirmed maximum resolution to achieve the 700TVL.
Measurement method is referred to JEITA (TTR-4602B).


Noise reduction is a function that reduces the image noise in order to improve the image quality of the camera. In particular, it reduces the noise which is generated under low-brightness shooting conditions and other high-gain states.
The "Effio-E" ( CXD4127GG) comes with a space-based NR (2D-NR) function.
The "Effio-P" (CXD4129GG) and "Effio-S" (CXD4130GG) come with two noise reduction (NR) functions, one is space-based (2D-NR) and the other is time-based (3D-NR).






Excellent color reproduction under variety of light sources [1,800K to 10,500K]



The "Effio-E" (CXD4127GG) includes OSD (on-screen display) functions that allow camera settings to be made using the display. This function provides preset menus in eight languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese) and allows camera settings to be made easily without using an external microcontroller.



The ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) function provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects whose gradation has been lost in cases where, for instance, both low-luminance areas and high-luminance areas exist in the same picture.
The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information.



The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a function that it can acquire natural images with fewer blown out highlights and blocked up shadows by combining a multiple number of images, shot at different exposure times, using digital signal processing.




"Effio" means "Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor", and it is a Sony signal processor which realizes high resolution, high S/N ratio and high color reproduction for security camera.





  • Provides higher picture quality and higher performance for video quality and real-time monitoring by keeping the robust security CCTV system stability as it is.
  • High picture quality and high performance of "Effio" Series are with high affinity to the fusion of LAN/Internet infrastructure.

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960H - Effio System Technical Advantage

The number of pixcels of 960H CCD image sensor (ensures the amount of information in the input stage) and "Effio" Series superior signal processing technology (high resolution video output) maintains image information to the utmost limits.

960H - Effio System Technical Advantage graph