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Thief Targets Golfers While They Are On The Course

Orrington - Golfers at Rocky Knoll Country Club in Orrington have to deal with the normal obstacles on the course, like water hazards, sand traps, and the rough.

But for the past two years, there has also been another hazard the golfers have had to try to avoid.

Except this one is alive, and moves around and they never know when they're going to encounter it.

" We've had one gentleman he's been the victim several times," said Tom Bryant the Operations Manager of Rocky Knoll Country Club.

Pat LeFebvre who plays the course and works in the clubhouse said "It happens quiet frequently, yes."

Golfers are being targeted by a thief while they are on the course, and according to Bryant they've identified the culprit. "Well it's a red fox and he's been hanging around here for about two years, and the last three or four months he's gotten into collecting golf balls."

"It's funny, it's just funny to watch the fox come out, grab it and run back into the woods," say LeFebvre who's seen it happen first hand.

Most of the thefts are happening near the line of the woods, while some find it funny, not everyone sees the humor in it says Bryant. "There's mixed reaction some of them like it but others want us to get rid of the problem."

But Bryant assures us the fox is not going anywhere.

"He's part of the family and a lot of them think that I trained him so that we can resell the balls afterwards so..."

Once the fox takes off with his souvenir the golfers are left wondering what to do next. They're not taking a penalty shot, they are just dropping a ball at the scene of the crime, and they don't even bother looking for their stolen one says LeFebvre "No, because he just runs way into the woods and we just let it go."

Some think the fox maybe looking for a quick easy meal and mistakes the balls for eggs, or he may just be playing his own game.

" One of the rangers was out scrounging balls and he's found piles of them and thought he found a treasure trove," said Bryant. "And found they were all chewed up."

Maybe the balls tasted sub par.