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It’s News Time

Busts and Scams:

A South Korean man and woman were each sentenced to more than a year in prison for a card-game gambling scheme that defrauded a Connecticut casino of hundreds of thousands of dollars. See the story

A Louisiana roulette dealer and a patron have been arrested on suspicion of cheating a Lake Charles casino out of tens of thousands of dollars through a past-posting scheme. See the story

A dealer and a customer pled guilty to cheating a Birmingham, UK,  casino out of thousands of pounds after a gaffing a roulette wheel played through slot machines. In the US, this game is known as “Rapid Roulette,”  the trademark name of the manufacturer. See the story

A sports bettor was arrested in Las Vegas after admitting to a law enforcement officer that he used identification documents under a second name. His appeal to the arrest and lawsuit against the casino and the Nevada regulatory authority who arrested him has now failed in appeals court. See the court document denying his appeal and affirming the court decision

After a week-long investigation into suspected blackjack cheating team activities, Delaware State Police Detectives assigned to the Division of Gaming Enforcement made three arrests.  (Ed. Note: this is one of several arrests for this specific scam in the East Coast casinos area in the last year.) See the story

A California judge rejected a defense motion alleging a man’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated when casino security officers searched him and found him to be in possession of an illegal drug. The judge ordered the defendant to stand trial. Previously banned from casino grounds, the suspect was cited by security personnel for trespassing when they saw him playing a slot machine. The security guards then brought the suspect to a Security office and searched him, uncovering a small amount of methamphetamine. See the story

Two South Korean nationals were sentenced to terms in federal prison for what authorities say was a scheme to defraud Foxwoods Resort Casino of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The two suspects played midi baccarat on multiple occasions, and one of the suspects used a “holdout device” in his sleeve to switch cards in and out to his advantage. The other suspect acted as a “blocker” to distract casino personnel from observing use of the device. See the story

A Las Vegas jackpot worth nearly $13 million has two Houston residents duking it out in court. See the [funny] story

Officials from Spectrum, the N.J. firm hired to help Ohio craft rules for its four future casinos, told the Ohio Casino Control Commission that card counting is one of many law-enforcement issues on which the commission will need help. Although there are no laws against simple card counting anywhere in the United States, casinos in most states are permitted to remove players from the table who they suspect of counting cards. See the story (Ed. Note: I don’t see this as a law-enforcement issue, unless it is simply educating Gaming Control, police and casino officials that card counting is not illegal, so long as one is simply using his brain.)

An Imperial Palace valet attendant, gambling in his off-duty hours, was handcuffed, then wrestled to the ground by multiple security guards after making a complaint, and detained. He has just won a $250,000 lawsuit, and the security chief at that time, with a prior record of unjustified assaults and detentions, has been released from service. See the story (including video footage)

A little more than a month after indictments were returned against two Internet gambling businesses, the Anne Arundel County Police Department has hit the jackpot — getting nearly a half-million dollars for working with the federal agency in a sting operation that closed down the operation.  See the story (Ed Note: Something that disturbs me here is that the Department of Homeland Security was involved in this case, when this is the type of case that the FBI was specifically created to handle, back in the 1920s. I can only speculate, but it is possible that the reason DHS was involved was because the agency was granted extra-constitutional powers when created under President Bush, and those powers have been expanded under King Obama’s administration, contrary to his promises during his original election campaign.)  ((If I disappear off  the map, you know why.))

After being robbed three times in the past six months, the owners of Jokers Casino in Rapid City, SD,  say they are fed up with the local police response to casino robberies. See the story (Ed Note: the casino’s insurance company normally would mandate extra physical security measures in such a case, as they did with the Eureka Casino in Las Vegas, after they were hit by a series of robberies in 2007 and 2008.) See additional info

Already blacklisted from casinos, Brent Eli Morris was sentenced to eight to 20 years in prison for cheating at craps. Morris was arrested Sept. 22 after he was spotted playing craps at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. A District Court jury convicted the 54-year-old in March of two counts of felony commission of a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment, or cheating. See the story

A man with a compulsive gambling addiction embezzled millions of dollars from a public utility and gambled heavily for several years before being caught through the use of casino Currency Transaction Reports. The defendant established several shell corporations to bilk a county for water well capacity rights. See the story

Casinos in Las Vegas have made millions of dollars every year from unclaimed slot machine tickets when players who win a few dollars fail to cash them out. But starting July 1, the state will receive the majority of that revenue as the Legislature taps those funds to help balance the state’s budget. See the story (Ed. Note: I leave it to your imagination why I placed this under “Busts and Scams”)

A former Bingo Manager at the Mohican North Star Casino in Wisconsin has been charged with stealing from her work. See the story

Anthony Carleo, son of Las Vegas judge George Assad, pleaded guilty to armed robbery in the theft of over $1 million from the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. He has also been charged with a similar robbery at the SunCoast casino. See the story

A man who won big at the blackjack table claims an East St. Louis casino allowed criminals to “openly” stalk him “throughout the Casino Queen and all the way to his home,” where they shot and robbed him. The victim has now filed suit against the casino. See the story (Ed Note: did no one ever teach this guy how stupid it is to flash a roll of cash?)

A federal judge has denied a request by Utah fraud suspect and Las Vegas and Internet gambling figure Jeremy Johnson that some of his assets be released to cover living expenses and legal costs. See the story

Jeff Livingston, former General Manager of the Chukchansi Gold Casino near Fresno, CA, has been convicted of six counts of mail fraud and three counts of theft by an officer or employee of an Indian gaming establishment, stemming from his embezzlement and theft of money and property from the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino. The guilty verdict was returned on all counts by a federal jury in Fresno after a five-day trial. See the story

California businessman Harel Zahavi was convicted of  defrauding four Las Vegas casinos out of $384,000 in gambling markers. See the story