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The turmoil from Washington to Wall Street has some people going to extremes to make a point. A plane flew over Lower Manhattan yesterday with a banner that read, "Thanks


for the downgrade, you should all be fired." After


tweeted about the midair message, this


from the New York Observer started spreading around the Web. At first, no one knew who was behind the stunt. Fortune later learned that the midflight mastermind was Lucy Nobbe, a fed-up securities broker and single mom from Missouri. She


Fortune that her message wasn't originally intended for Wall Street. "I originally wanted to fly it over Washington, D.C., but learned that you can't do that," says Nobbe. "So I chose Wall Street instead, but didn't specifically intend it to fly over S&P. I'm just a mother from St. Louis who feels the only reason we got downgraded was people in politics." Nobbe paid $900 for the midair message.

reportedly gave her a discount because it liked the idea so much. Do you think Nobbe overdid it? Tell me on





Facebook is partnering with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation after an inmate convicted of child molesting viewed the Facebook page of his victim from prison. The victim, who is 17, was 10 when she was molested. The convict looked at Facebook and MySpace photos to see what she currently looks like. He then mailed drawings of her (including her current hairstyle) to her family. Facebook says it's going to help the state take inmates' illegal pages down. Although most prisoners do not have access to the Internet, many are accessing the social networking site through smuggled cell phones. California prison officials say they've received hundreds of complaints from victims who say they were contacted by prisoners through social media.

Lastly, singer Sinead O'Connor was famous in the '90s for her outspoken lyrics, beautiful voice, and bald head. After her appearance at the Bray Summer Festival in Ireland, the Web is buzzing about her new look. O'Connor took the stage with tattooed arms and jet-black, cropped hair. On social media, her look isn't getting many "likes." Some say she looks "bizarre," and others are even comparing her to Susan Boyle, the singer made famous on the show "Britain's Got Talent."