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iPhone remote view Setup Instruction


1. Installing through iphone/iPad


Step 1. Open App Store function of iPhone

Step 2. Select "Search" function to search for "SuperCam"

Step 3: Click SuperCam, enter into "introduce" interface and then click "FREE", it will change into "INSTALL"

Step 4: Input iTune Store Password and then click "OK", the software will be installed automatically

Note: If this is the first time you are accessing the store you need to enter user ID; if you do not have a Store account, You need to create one.

Step 6: Click SuperCam on your iPhone

Operation Instructions for iPhone/iPad

1 Login Interface

Server: Your External IP Address (Go to Website:

Username: admin

Password: 123456 (default password)

Click "Remember server" to save the setting

2. Main Interface

Playback: Playback recorded files
Image: image view
Log: login record
Server List: Login List
Live: Live Remote View
Settings: software settings
Information: device information view
Settings: Software settings
Information: Device information view
Help: Software help center
Log Off: Logoff and return to login interface

3. Live View Interface

4. Image View Interface

5. Record Playback Interface

6. Server List Interface

7. Configuration Interface