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Remote View Setup Guide


Android Phone


1. Power up the Android Phone


2. Navigate to the UP arrow to pull up ALL Programs

3. Scroll to find Market



4. Navigate to the Magnifying Glass to bring up Search


5. In the Search Field, type in Supercam




6. Select Supercam and Continue



7. Select Free to install the application



8. Select OK to continue



9. Wait for the application to finish installing.




10. When finish, Navigate back to ALL Programs




11. Scroll to find Supercam and lauch the application.



12. Input the IP Address of the DVR, Port name, username, and password.




13. Select Login to log on to the DVR.



14.Supercam is connecting to the DVR




15. Once Log on, Select LIVE to view




16. Your Android phone is fully setup to view DVR via Supercam.