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What's Sony Effio



Central Management Software

 Firmware Update for MAC and IE 9

Online Tools

DVR Hard Drive Calculator

Camera Lens Calculator



1. Help with installation (Easy Installation Picture Guide)
2. What is CCTV ?
3. How do I Choose Between B/W or Color Camera ?
4. What are the Resolution and the Angle of Coverage?
5. How Far Will the Camera See?
6. Types of CCTV Cameras
7. Common CCTV Terms

Instruction and Setup up Guide

Mac Computer Remote Viewing Setup Guide

Remote Viewing Router Configuration

Remote Viewing Through IE

What's My IP Address

iPhone Cell Phone Remote Viewing Setup Guide

Android Cell Phone Remote Viewing Setup Guide



Help me to Choose CCTV Surveillance System


1. Is the camera going to be used indoor or outdoor?

(Indoor Camera need little protection from weather condition and Hi-Low Temperature)

Indoor: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 1st Generation Lens)



(Outdoor camera is protected from Hazard Weather Condition and Hi-Low Temperature)

Outdoor: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)



 2. What's the lighting condition at Night

         Normal Lighting                             Low Lighting                                   Night Vision



Normal Lighting: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 1st Generation Lens)


Low Lighting: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)



Night Vision: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)


 3. What's the Viewing Distance

             0 to 50 Ft            50 to 100 Ft              100 to 200 Ft


0 to 50 Ft: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)



50 to 100 Ft: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)




100 to 200 Ft: Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)




 4. Hazard and Vandal Environment


Systems Package Recommendation (Sony 2nd Generation Lens)





Why Choose D CCTV Security

We offer PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE, AMERICA’S BEST WARRANTY (2 years), 100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed, and free life time tech support (Support from our In-house Tech, Real Time Tech Support)


"Sony Super HAD CCD II2nd Generation of Sony Super HAD CCD

The SONY Super HAD CCD II achieves high sensitivity, both improved spectral sensitivity characteristics and light resistance Than 1st Generation of Sony Super HAD CCD.

(Any above system equipped with 2nd Generation of Sony Super HAD CCD)

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